University Policy on Permanent Cookies

This web site provides information pertaining to the University of Illinois’ policy on the limitations on the use of permanent cookies and other invasive tracking programs on University web sites. This policy can be found in the “Cookies and Login Security” section of the University of Illinois Web Privacy Notice [ ] where there is also a brief general description of cookies.

The University’s Web Privacy Notice recognizes the University’s commitment to fully comply with the Illinois State Agency Web Site Act (5 ILCS 177 et. seq./Public Act 93-0117) which became effective on January 1, 2004. 

In essence, this law prohibits the use of permanent cookies or any other invasive tracking programs that monitor and track Web site viewing habits on State agency web sites. State agency web sites may use transactional cookies that facilitate business transactions.

However, “Permanent cookies used by State agency web sites may be exempt from the prohibition … if they meet the following criteria: 

  1. The use of permanent cookies adds value to the user otherwise not available;
  2. The permanent cookies are not used to monitor and track web site viewing habits unless all types of information collected and the State's use of that information add user value and are disclosed through a comprehensive online privacy statement.”

The University interprets a permanent cookie as a cookie that remains on the hard drive after the browser application has been closed. 

Note to Web Users

University web sites that use permanent cookies must have an Approved Permanent Cookie Disclosure Statement on the site that describes how the criteria of the Illinois State Agency Web Site Act have been met.   For more information on cookies in general, such as a description of how to enable/disable cookies, what data cookies are storing on your computer and how to set expiration dates on cookies, please go to “Help” in your Web browser and type in “cookies.” You should find general information plus detailed instructions on cookie management.

Note to University Web Providers

If you use permanent cookies you must post an Approved Permanent Cookie Disclosure Statement on your web site. For approved examples, see

Note to All

If you have questions, please contact the Chief Information Officer’s (“CIO’s”) office on your campus.