University of Illinois System

ACCESS 2030 Task Group

The ACCESS 2030 Initiative was announced at the system level in 2022. The goal of ACCESS 2030 is to increase the number of graduates from underrepresented groups by 50% by the end of the decade, leading to increased equity and diversity across our three universities. The initiative focuses on historically marginalized groups, including ethnic, racial, rural, and urban. 

Each university and the system as a whole made a commitment to bold and aggressive but achievable numbers in student enrollments and in representation among the faculty and staff. While plans are tailored to each campus and population, at an aggregate level, ACCESS 2030 will be comprehensive, looking at all of the barriers and opportunities throughout the student journey. Elements under review include student readiness, recruitment, environments that foster belonging, and retention that leads to growth in degree completion. By expanding proven strategies, implementing new approaches, and making strategic investments, every unit will redouble its efforts to meet ACCESS 2030 goals. 

In September of 2023, EVP Nick Jones charged a working group to further explore innovative opportunities to enhance the success, equity, and belonging issues facing students from underrepresented backgrounds. The ACCESS 2030 Task Group is focusing on three primary areas: 

  • Access, affordability, and equity
  • Persistence, retention, and graduation
  • Campus climate, belonging, and inclusion

Member of the ACCESS 2030 Task Group include:

  • Hypatia Bolivar, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, UIS
  • Domonic Cobb, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs, UIUC
  • Ty Dooley, Associate Professor and Director School of Public Management and Policy, UIS
  • Aisha El-Amin, Associate Vice Provost for Student Success & Belonging, UIC
  • Miquel Gonzalez-Meler, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, UIC
  • Phyllis Hayes, Assistant Vice Chancellor for External Engagement, UI Health
  • Chris Span, Chief of Staff, UIUC (Chair)
  • Megan Styles, Associate Professor, School of Integrated Sciences, Sustainability, and Public Health, UIS
  • Livia Woods, Associate Professor, Department of English and Modern Languages, UIS
  • James Clayborne, External consultant