University of Illinois System Policies on Conflict of Interest

The University of Illinois System adopted several policies to identify and manage conflicts of interest. Applicability is based on your University appointment and responsibilities, you may be subject to more than one policy.  Please review the chart below.

Policy Who does this policy apply to?
 Conflicts of Commitment of Interest 
2018 COCI policy web page
2018 COCI policy PDF
 All academic staff, except academic hourly employees

Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research
2018 FCOIR policy web page
2018 FCOIR policy PDF

Investigators - anyone, regardless of title or position, who is responsible for the design,
conduct or reporting - on sponsored research awards.  This includes principal
investigators, co-principal investigators, senior/key personnel and could include
graduate students, civil service staff, and consultants (not employed by the
University of Illinois).

Organizational Conflicts of Interest
2018 OCOI policy web page
2018 OCOI policy PDF

 Key Organizational Leaders - administrators at the dean level and above