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Guidelines for Civil Service Employees

A conflict of interest occurs when an employee is in a position to advance his or her own interests or those of a third party to the University’s detriment.  There is an official policy, the University of Illinois Policy on Conflicts of Commitment and Interest (COCI) that governs the propriety and advisability of any non-University activities of academic staff members (academic professionals, postdoctoral associates, and faculty).
What about Civil Service employees? There are over 10,000 employees at the University that fall into the Civil Service employee group.  These staff members are not covered by the official COCI policy, but they are not exempt from disclosing potential conflicts.
University policy requires employees to disclose activities that may present a potential conflict with their University roles and responsibilities. This is outlined in Rule 16.01 of the Policy and Rules for Civil Service Staff.  The policy makes every effort to balance the integrity and interests of staff with that of the University.
If you are a Civil Service employee and you have an income producing activity outside of your position at the University, or if you have a relationship with an entity that conducts business with the University, you are required to disclose these commitments. Although there is no formal annual disclosure process for civil service employees, the University encourages transparency so potential conflicts can be managed appropriately.  A form is available to make disclosure quick and easy.
Remember, the University encourages active participation in external activities that enhance professional skills or constitute public service, but it is important to be aware of the problems that can arise from external jobs and business relationships.
To disclose:
    Download the Disclosure Form for Civil Service Employees.
    Complete form and submit it to your Supervisor for review and approval.

    Your supervisor will then submit the completed form to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs: 377 HAB, MC-348, 506 S. Wright St., Urbana or


I am a part-time University employee.  Should I disclose?
Yes.  Even part-time employees may have outside activities or commitments that are in conflict or appear to be in conflict with their University duties.
I do not have a conflict, but a family member does. Should I disclose?
Yes. For purpose of this rule, “family” includes an individual’s spouse, ancestors, and descendants, all descendants of the individual’s grandparents, and the spouse of any of the foregoing.
I have a part-time job, but I only work in the evening or on weekends.  Should I disclose?
Yes.  Reporting of all non-university activities is encouraged even if activities occur during the evening, weekends, or holidays. 
Who should I talk to if I have questions?
Your supervisor, unit head, and the staff human resources offices are available to discuss and advise you on conflict of interest questions and issues.  Supervisors are encouraged to contact the appropriate Human Resources office with with questions.


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