Guidelines for New Employees

All faculty, academic staff members, and postdoctoral research associates must complete the Report of Non-University Activities (RNUA) at least annually, as required by state law, federal regulations, and University policy.  While the University encourages active participation in external activities that enhance an employee’s professional skills or constitute public service, University policy requires both the reporting and prior approval of all non-university income-producing activities.  Any external relationships that may give rise to a potential conflict of interest must also be reported. 
University policy requires academic employees to disclose outside activities at least annually or when requesting permission for a new activity.  The annual RNUA is the mechanism for disclosure of external activities and relationships.  This reporting process takes place in September for all employees via the START myDisclosures application.  Employees hired in the months prior to September, however, are required to complete the RNUA as part of the new hire process.
If you are a new employee of the University please consider the following:
Were you hired prior to June 30 of the current year?
If yes, please complete the RNUA for the current academic year. You will need to submit the RNUA again as part of the annual RNUA process in September.
Were you hired between July 1 and August 15?
If yes, please complete the RNUA for the upcoming academic year. You do not need to submit another RNUA in September unless there has been a change in your activities.
Were you hired after August 16?
If yes, you do not need to complete the RNUA at this time.  Please wait until the annual process begins in September.

Additional Resources

The University of Illinois Policy on Conflicts of Commitment and Interest provides a framework for judging the propriety and advisability of non-university activities.  


Employee policies and procedures for the University of Illinois at Chicago are available on the Human Resources website.  The Faculty Handbook provides current, new, and prospective faculty members a convenient guide to UIC policies.


The Academic Staff Handbook is available for employees of the University of Illinois at Springfield as a guide to policies and procedures.


The Campus Administration Manual is one of several policy manuals for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  It includes policies, procedures, information, forms, and guidelines.