EVP\VPAA Directory

Name Title Phone
Barbara J. Wilson Executive Vice President/Vice President for Academic Affairs  (217) 333-3077   
Sonja Bean Administrative Assistant (217) 333-3077
Lorraine Graham Office Manager (217) 333-3077
Sarah M. Zehr Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs (217) 333-3077
Julian D. Parrott Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs (217) 333-3079
Anne Craig Senior Director, Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois (CARLI) (217) 244-5167
Kelly Block Associate Vice President for AITS/Chief Information Officer (217) 244-0102
Sandy Street Assistant Vice President of Planning and Budgeting (217) 333-6600
Laurie Matheson Director, University of Illinois Press (217) 244-4685
Robin Fretwell Wilson     Director, Institute of Government and Public Affairs (217) 333-3340
Jami Painter Associate Vice President for System Human Resource Services (217) 244-8247
Thomas H. Riley Executive Director of Labor and Special Counsel (312) 355-3883
Steven Martin Design & Communications Coordinator (217) 300-2006
 Connie Sailor Administrative Aide, University Senate Conference (217) 333-5227
Allison Sivers  Coordinator Fiscal Planning and Budget (217) 244-9606
Joda Morton  Associate Director, Enterprise Risk Management (217) 244-7480