Student Mental Health


Preparing students to flourish in the world that awaits them requires a commitment to every aspect of their development.

Today, addressing their mental health is more critical than ever as they juggle their studies with the stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic, an economic downturn and a renewed nationwide push for social justice.

To help students achieve their dreams, we are launching an ongoing series of system-wide events focused on promoting their mental and emotional wellbeing. I hope you will join us and add your insights and expertise to this important conversation, which will build on our long legacy of world-class service to both students and the public good.


Student Mental Health Symposium


The University of Illinois System hosted the inaugural Student Mental Health Symposium on September 16, 2020.  Initially planned as a day-long event, the COVID-19 pandemic meant that a virtual symposium keynote address was convened instead.  Over 400 faculty, staff, and students from the three universities and system offices participated.  The event, hosted by President Killeen and the three chancellors, recognized the importance of student mental health and emphasized the role all members of the campus community can play in supporting a caring and nurturing environment.  The keynote address was delivered by Dr. Gary Glass, Director of Counseling and Career Services at Oxford College of Emory University, a nationally renowned proponent of addressing student mental health issues from a community perspective.  Dr. Glass' presentation is available below.



The Student Mental Health Symposium Committee will continue its charge to provide information and supportive resources to the broad universities' communities.  It embraces the understanding that active participation by faculty, staff, and students in a community of caring is beneficial to all campus members.


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