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Proxy Access FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions by Students

What is Proxy Access?

Proxy Access allows a student to authorize other people to have view access to a student's 1098-T tax information. For example, a student could designate a parent or guardian as a proxy. The proxy, as an authorized viewer, would be able to see the student’s 1098-T.

How do you give Proxy Access to someone?

If you are a student, in self-service, click on the Proxy Access Management link, then the Proxy Management tile. You can then designate a proxy by entering in their name, email address, and authorize them to have 1098-T view access. Your proxy must have an active email address they maintain in order to get into the Proxy Access system. The proxy’s email address is used to log into the Proxy Access system.

Can I have multiple proxies?

Yes, you can designate more than one person to be a proxy.

How do you reset a password for a proxy?

In Proxy Management, locate the proxy and select the pencil edit button. Click ‘Reset Password’ next to the proxy’s name. Emails will be sent to your proxy so they can reset their password. Passwords are valid for one year.

How do you remove access for a proxy?

In Proxy Management, locate the proxy and select the trash delete button. The proxy will receive an email that they have been removed as a proxy from your account.

How long does a proxy have access?

By default, a proxy has access for 18 months. In Proxy Management, you can adjust the length of their access or reset their password if needed.

My proxy can’t find the permanent link to log into Proxy Access. How do I help them?

In Proxy Management, locate the proxy and select the pencil edit button. Click the E-mail Authorizations button, towards the bottom of the page. This will send an email to your proxy confirming they have access to view your 1098-T and provide the permanent link to access the Proxy Access system.

Frequently Asked Questions by Parents or Proxy

How do you get Proxy Access for your student?

Only a student can give someone proxy access to view their information. The University administrative offices cannot give a parent, guardian, coach, or advisor access to a student’s information.

How do you log into Proxy Access?

If your student has designated you as a proxy, you will receive 3 emails from the Proxy Access system. The ‘Student Proxy Identity’ email contains a temporary link to be used with the temporary passcode from the ‘Student Proxy Confirmation’ email. Use both the temporary link and temporary passcode to establish your permanent password to the Proxy Access system. Once you have established your permanent password, you can use this password and the permanent link contained in the ‘Proxy Access Information & Link’ email to access the Proxy Access system. Your email address is the username used to log into the Proxy Access system.

Please note: If additional students designate you as a proxy with your same email address, you will only receive the ‘Proxy Access Information & Link’ email the next time you are designated. You use your email address and permanent password to log into the Proxy Access system.

What are the password requirements for Proxy Access?

Proxy Access passwords must be between 16-20 characters and include at least 1 letter and 1 number. Your password expires after 1 year and will need to be reset by your student.

How do you change your Proxy password?

Your student can reset your password for you.

How can I see multiple students’ information when they attend different University of Illinois institutions?

You must use the permanent link that was provided in the initial emails sent to you after your students designated you as a proxy. The links are specific for each university within the University of Illinois system. Select the Proxy Access System link for the student for whom you want to view data. (For example, if you are a proxy for a student who attends University of Illinois Chicago, and you have another student who attends University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, use the University of Illinois Chicago link to view information for the student who attends that institution and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign link for your other student.)

What information can I see and update?

You will be able to view your student’s 1098-T tax notification form. You will not be able to update anything for the student.

How long do I have access?

A proxy is initially given access for 18 months. Please contact your student if you need your access extended.


If you have questions specifically about the 1098-T, please contact the Bursar’s office ( or visit their website at: