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President's Research in Diversity Travel Assistance Program 

Department/Unit/College Support Confirmation

A student in your department/unit/college has applied for the President's Research in Diversity Travel Assistance. The Award provides up to $600 in support for graduate/professional students to travel to a professional conference in order to present papers, posters, or creative work at conferences related to issues of diversity or identity. This application requests the award in order to cover expenses associated with a presentation at the conference [NAME OF THE CONFERENCE] scheduled for [DATE OF THE CONFERENCE].

As a condition of this award, the department/unit/college is required to contribute a minimum of $200 toward the student's conference expenses. [STUDENT APPLICANT NAME] has indicated in the application that your unit has committed to contribute a minimum of $200 toward their total conference expenses of [TOTAL EXPENSES] should they be selected for the award.

Your confirmation of this commitment by clicking on the following link is a required component of the student's application. [LINK TO APPROVE]

If you do not want to commit to the support, please reply via this link instead. [LINK TO INDICATE NO SUPPORT]