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Ongoing Work

The GILC has put two programs into motion and will be piloting these programs in the 2023-24 academic year.

Inclusive Leaders Sponsorship Program (ILSP) piloting spring 2024

All ILSP participants are matched with a sponsor who is well established and trained in sponsorship, to ensure tangible, continued support. Using a cohort approach, this series will contain multiple sessions of regular programming targeting leadership development for underrecognized leaders along with sessions for sponsors for those leaders. Sponsors and ILSP participants will attend sessions both together and separately, as content will be tailored to specific groups. Members of similar or different affinity groups can share perspectives and experiences within their cohort or smaller groups.

Inclusive Leadership Institute (ILI) pilot fall 2023

An annual program targeting currently established academic leaders. Also using a cohort approach, sessions will aim to create, cultivate, and communicate a culture that that encourages diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Members will be able to join peer groups within their cohort for ongoing support. Leaders who complete the program are invited to sponsor members of the ILSP group to provide sustainable support for emerging leaders as well as model and encourage best practices on the part of established leaders.

Advisory Committees

Although the Council is a system-wide endeavor, each university has unique challenges, which can be addressed by the establishment of university-specific advisory groups for gender equity. At each campus (UIUC, UIC, and UIS) these groups will provide recommendations and guidance to the academic leadership around the affairs of diversity, equity, and inclusion, especially targeting gender inequity for women, women of color, and LGBTQ+ individuals.

Name/pronoun Changes

Members of the council are coordinating with IT and logistic staff to make the process of changing names and or pronouns in the system easier.