University of Illinois System

Guidance and Support

This section is intended to provide resources to help support the university community. Material referenced may be curated by the U of I System or by third parties with no affiliation to the university. Given the complexity, uncertainty, and rapidly evolving topic of generative AI, please consider that some material may be dated and therefore not as accurate. If you discover outdated information or have any feedback, please provide comments via the Engage and Collaborate page.

Generative AI Principles

Given the uncertainty around generative AI, the U of I System plans to stay engaged and position ourselves to take advantage of opportunities, so we will invest time and resources into governing and managing generative AI over time. We plan to focus our initial efforts in acknowledging the need for appropriate and responsible use and risk management. To assist with appropriate and responsible use of generative AI, a set of Generative AI Principles were developed. Regardless of how generative AI changes over time, these principles are intended to provide a compass to guide future decisions and actions associated with generative AI adoption, governance, and management.

Guidance Material

The U of I System has developed initial guidance material for:

Additional guidance material will be developed overtime to support audiences such as researchers, staff, and healthcare.