Resources & Tools

Risk Assessment Form

The Risk Assessment form* is used to collect University-wide information about risks so that the risk culture and appetite can be understood.

* If the form does not load, download the form and submit from your local desktop.

Risk Map

A risk map, or heat map, is a visual tool to help understand the likelihood and impact of a risk. Risks requiring immediate focus appear in the red area, medium-focus risks are in the yellow area, and low-focus risks are in the green area. The most important risks are highly likely and highly impacting; the least important risks are highly unlikely and not very impacting. By plotting multiple risks, actionable risk mitigation priorities may be established.

Calculate Risk Score

Using the table below, assess the financial and/or reputational impact.

A table ranking impact and likelihood of risks from a score of 1 to 5.

Multiply the two numbers, the resulting product is the risk score. Use the table below to determine your immediate response strategy.

A table describing the consequence and mitigation strategies for various ranges of risk scores.


Last Updated: March 6, 2020