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President's Award Program (PAP)

Frequently Asked Questions

I was awarded a PAP award but I’d like to defer my enrollment. Is the award also deferred?

In most cases, no, but it can depend on the campus. Students awarded PAP are expected to enroll in the term to which they were admitted. Students offered a PAP award at UIC but choose to defer their enrollment will not be eligible for a PAP award. Students offered a PAP award at UIUC or UIS but defer their enrollment could still receive the award in some cases if they enroll during the subsequent calendar year.

If you are considering deferring your enrollment, please contact your campus PAP coordinator before doing so.

If I’m enrolled part-time will I still receive the PAP award?

No. In order to keep your PAP scholarship, you must maintain continuous fulltime enrollment. If you are enrolled in your final term prior to graduation and require less than full-time enrollment in order to graduate, you may receive a prorated PAP award.

What do I need to do to keep my PAP scholarship as a current student?

PAP students who first enrolled in fall 2012 or later must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 at the end of each academic year. Students with a PAP Honors scholarship must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 at the end of each year. PAP Honors students having a GPA below 2.5 at the end of any academic year but meeting the minimum for PAP (2.0) will have their scholarship award amount reduced for subsequent terms. Additional requirements may be instituted by the campuses.

If I transfer to a different University of Illinois campus, will my PAP award transfer too?

Yes, you may be admitted to the PAP program on another campus by the PAP coordinator on that campus if you are in good academic standing and meet the requirements of the PAP program at the new campus. If you choose to transfer between campuses, contact the PAP coordinator at the new campus so that he or she can begin working with your previous campus to transfer your award.

PAP Honors students will typically be eligible only for the base PAP (PAP Scholar) award at the new campus but, at the option of the PAP coordinator at the new campus, may be granted a PAP Honors scholarship award.

If I drop out or withdraw from the University and want to return later, will my PAP award still be available?

No. If you drop out or withdraw, you are forfeiting your PAP award. You may have the opportunity to petition if you have extenuating circumstances (such as medical or military service reasons), but there are no guarantees that your award will be reinstated.


Students who have received a PAP award should direct their questions to the campus PAP coordinator:

Urbana: (217) 333-0302
Reinstatement appeals to Scholarship Appeal Form
Chicago: Dr. Aisha Pleasant (312) 355-0719
Reinstatement appeals to
Dr. Aisha Pleasant
Springfield: (217) 206-4847
Reinstatement appeals to

For general policy questions only, please contact:

Gretchen Lohman
Interim Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
(217) 333-5524