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Frequently Asked Questions


1. If multiple students are co-authors or co-presenters of a single paper or presentation, should a single or multiple applications be completed?

If the paper or presentation is the result of a single research effort, there should be one application submitted, and up to $600 may be awarded. Since the application requires one name/UIN, the students should agree to submit the application under one name, but mention the joint authorship/joint conference participation in either of the two open-ended essay sections (either question 11 or question 12). If it is felt that the particular details may be unique or warrant an exception to this policy, please contact the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

2. What types of conferences and presentations are eligible for this award?

These conference travel awards are intended to support student candidates who will be presenting papers, posters, or creative work at conferences related to issues of diversity or identity, such as those involving race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, and national origin. Presentations at course workshops or as part of online classes are not eligible.

3. Should multiple presentations at the same conference by a single student be a single or multiple applications?

A student is eligible to receive only one award in any given award cycle. It is up to the applicant whether to put the multiple presentations into a single application or finds it easier to enter them individually as multiple applications.

Application Process

4. How should dollar amounts for travel expenses and departmental support be entered?

These amounts should be entered as whole dollars (no decimal point) and without a dollar sign ($).

5. Why are you asking if the presentation will be distributed beyond the session attendees?

This question was to help the reviewers gauge the scope of the distribution of the research, for example, if the applicant is attending a regional conference but the paper is being made available to a national association. We want to be able to assess the potential impact of the award as far as distribution.


Please direct all questions to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, University-Wide Student Programs at or at (217) 333-2030.