University of Illinois System

VPAA Statement on Integrity in Research and Publication

Academic integrity is the key to a successful university in all its aspects of learning, teaching, research and service. Faculty, staff and students of the University of Illinois System ensure integrity and high quality in their research and publications by strict adherence to professional standards set both within and outside the university, to individual ethical codes and by self-regulation. Underlying academic integrity are the universal principles of honesty, fairness, trust, respect and responsibility.

The University of Illinois System has the highest expectations for integrity; and university personnel are expected to comply with the strictest ethical codes and guidelines for the conduct of research. Research misconduct cannot be condoned as it is damaging to the researcher, the institution and the discipline, and betrays public trust.

With these values in mind, the system has revised and updated the Policy and Procedures on Integrity in Research and Publication. The overarching goal of the document is to promote compliance with the highest scholarly standards and prescribe procedures for impartial fact-finding and fair adjudication of allegations of academic misconduct.

When questions regarding academic integrity and the responsible conduct of research and publication arise, all university personnel are encouraged to consult proactively with the appropriate unit executive officer and research integrity officer. Violations of professional standards are subject to peer review and censure and may be accompanied by disciplinary action by the university as well.

The revised policy has been reviewed and endorsed by the Senate Executive Committees of the three universities, the University Senates Conference, the Chancellors and the President. We are indebted to the hard work and dedication of the members of the system-wide committee who revised the policy.

This policy is effective July 22, 2021