Approval of Bylaws dated 9/13/05


Subject: UPPAC Bylaws
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 13:08:15 -0600
From: Larry Mann
To: Carlyn Shank
CC: Chester Gardner, Larry Mann, Kate Metz

Ms. Carly Shank
Sangamon Auditorium-UIS

Dear Carly,

I'm writing to you following our October 21 conversation (and the subsequent UPPAC discussion) regarding the proposed UPPAC Bylaws Revised (9/13/05) which you sent to Vice President Gardner on October 14th.

The proposed Bylaws are consistent with past practice, and UPPAC's initiative in bringing them forward is appreciated.  On behalf of Vice President Gardner, I am approving the Revised UPPAC Bylaws (9/13/05).

Best regards,


Lawrence R. Mann
Executive Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs