University Professional Personnel Advisory Committee
Revised Bylaws adopted by UPPAC (September 13, 2005)
Approved by UI VPAA (November 17, 2005)


The University Professional Personnel Advisory Committee (UPPAC) of the University of Illinois is a body appointed by the President of the University System to provide advice on issues and policies affecting academic professionals.  Often UPPAC shall have the responsibility of recommending a University System position based on advice from the universities.


The President shall appoint three (3) members and one (1) alternate from each university as members of UPPAC at the beginning of each academic year for a one-year term of service.  A chancellor's representative from each university, a representative from System Human Resources, and a representative from the Office of the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs shall serve as ex officio members.  In appointing the members of UPPAC, the President shall consult the chair of the professional committee at each University of Illinois: UIC Academic Professional Advisory Committee; UIUC Council of Academic Professionals; and UIS Academic Professional Advisory Committee.  The chair of UPPAC shall be elected by the membership at its annual autumn meeting.

Voting Rights

The UPPAC shall advise the President primarily by consensus, and the minutes shall report the nature of any discussion.  If a vote is needed:

  1. The three members from each university shall have voting rights.
  2. The alternate from a university may vote only in the absence of one of the members of that university.
  3. Ex officio members shall not vote.


A quorum shall be a simple majority (5) of all voting members (or alternates).

Meeting Schedule

UPPAC shall hold an annual meeting each autumn.  Additional meetings shall be scheduled as needed.