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Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs

Administrative Salary Policy


Approved by the Board of Trustees, July 9, 1993

It is the policy of the University of Illinois to compensate faculty and staff members in accord with their duties and responsibilities and with reference to compensation received for such duties in comparable universities. The purpose of the University's policy is to advance and protect the excellence of the University through the attraction of high quality personnel.

Within this general framework, it also is important for the University to recruit and to retain skilled individuals to carry out major administrative assignments. Whether candidates come from outside the University or from within, administrative salaries are set at levels commensurate with the role and responsibility of those positions, and with reference to salary levels paid those carrying comparable responsibilities at peer universities.

Individuals who are appointed department heads, deans, vice chancellors, etc., move in and out of such administrative roles during the course of an academic career. When such an individual accepts increased administrative responsibilities, increased salary may be provided to reflect, in part, the added responsibility. When such increments are provided, a written record should be made thereof in the initial letter of appointment. Upon leaving an administrative position and returning to the faculty or staff, an individual's salary should ordinarily be reduced to reflect, among other considerations, the change in responsibility and, in some instances, a shift to a nine-month academic year appointment.

The president of the University, working in concert with the chancellor, has the responsibility, as delegated by the Board of Trustees, to assure that salary adjustments are made, as appropriate, to reflect changes in roles and responsibilities. The right to approve salaries, on an annual basis, rests with the Board of Trustees of the University.




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